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the challenge

No matter the role you’re playing - parent, friend, partner or leader - you just put all the variables in a graph and, boom, get your decision, right? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but that would be sci-fi, not reality. There's a lot of complexity in things people make for simple. It’s not just about your choices. It’s how you choose to make them. It has a lot to do with you body and mind's capabilities, of course, but here’s something that may across as new to you: choice is a competence that can be developed.

for you

  • A disruptive learning experience that will reprogram how you make choices
  • Learn to develop your ability to make thoughtful choices, with positive impacts on life’s most important dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and/or professional
  • Choose wiser, choose better, thrive to achieve choosenology

for your organization

  • The chance to accelerate the process of preparing some key elements of the organization for increasingly demanding change processes
  • Possibility to contribute to the success of ongoing transformation processes, enabling leaders in decision-making
  • Exposure of professionals to learning experiences that make them think, change and engage in the transformation process

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